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    Chapter Highlight: Illinois State University

    Chapter Highlight: Illinois State University

    So maybe you don’t see what you were envisioning for your chapter over on Campus Classic's retail site.   Or maybe you are wanting something that will help your chapter stand out or you haven’t seen before!

    We’ve  got you covered from shirts, hats, hoodies, and so much more the skies the limit when you work with our designers they will ensure that your dreams take flight for your events shirts. It's your one stop shop for anything you or your chapter can dream up for rush, bid day, parents weekend or spring break. 

    We take quality seriously and can offer you some to the top brands. Looking for a Champion Crewneck we got it, a Nike hat for all those weekend golf trips we got you covered, Adidas Performance tees, New Era Jersey. Oh and don’t forget about Comfort colors, we have SO MANY comfort colors products.

    Aren’t convinced just yet that we are the Custom Team that  can make your design visions a reality? That’s okay we understand the doubt, but don’t just take our word for it ask our friends over at the Illinois State University Chapter. 

    Hear are a few of our favorite designs we've done with Illinois State University:  

    This is one of the Art Team’s favorite shirts to date. The colors and neon design that this shirt has become the talk of the office. We love any reason to pull up this design and show it off! 

    Neon Fall Rush 2020 Kappa Sigma

    Formal shirts don’t have to be boring, we loved working with the Illinois State University chapter to bring this design to life for their Moonlight Cruise! 

    This Barn Dance shirt is in one of our favorite colors. This blue and yellow are the perfect pair and we honestly love the simplicity of this design. Its not in your face and inviting just like our friends at Illinois State University!

    Barn Dance Kappa Sigma

    Our team LOVES any Comfort Colors Shirt. This muted purple used for the 2019 Fall Rush has been living in our heads rent free since the shirt was completed. We loved being able to put their fraternity house on their shirt and make it even more personal!

    Comfort Colors Purple Fall Rush 2019

    The Art Team takes creating shirts for Mom or Dad’s days to heart. We just adore these two shirts, they have a fun retro feel and bright colors that just make us swoon! 


    We love getting to help spark your creativity! We take the custom process to heart because we know its a little piece of your legacy you'll be leaving behind with your chapter. Custom orders are so much more than just an order, they are a memory of a moment in time you won't want to forget and we truly love being a part of helping create those memories! 

    If you are ready to let your creative juices flow, reach out to our team at We can’t wait to talk with you!

    The Good, the Better, and the Best: Guide to Custom Sorority Products

    The Good, the Better, and the Best: Guide to Custom Sorority Products

    While none of us are unfamiliar with online shopping, nothing quite beats being able to see and try on clothes! We all come in different shapes and sizes and have varied opinions on what’s most important as a shopper. When it comes to custom orders for your sorority then, it’s a bit of a mess trying to find something that works for everyone!

    Never fear - we’re here to give you the scoop on the good, the better, and the best options for your chapter’s next event! It’s LITERALLY our job to make this as easy as possible for you, so we’re here to do just that. 

    Good, Better, Best Tees

    FIrst up, the most important, most popular, most universal item: t-shirts. We’re big fans of wearing one of these oversized guys with a pair of cute shorts and socks and just lounging. Who can say no to a comfy staple like a tee?! We’ll start with a good unisex option, the Gildan 6400. Its a great basic and can fit any budget. Plus, its softer than most basic tees, which is all we really want. If you’re wanting to try something a little better than basic, we’d recommend our Bella + Canvas 6400, which is a women’s relaxed jersey tee. It’s tailored a bit more for women, but not too much. It’s a great option for anyone and comes in a lot of fun colors like the bright and bold Poppy or the light and airy Citron. But our best is the Boxercraft T57. It’s all in the details with this tee, from the slight curve of the hem to the cuffed sleeves, this tee can bring your chapter’s “basic tees” up a level! BONUS: we’ve all fallen for tie-dye this spring and we LOVE this Dyenomite Dream Tee. It's buttery soft and comes in some super fun color combos! Why not mix up the same old same old and try one of these for your chapter tees this spring!?

    Good, Better, Best Crops

    Our other favorite trend of the year is cropped items! We love them, from tees to sweatshirts and everything in between. The basic crop we’ve loved is the very classic Bella 8882. Half the fun of this crop is the pastels available! Dusty blue, mauve, and basics like black and white, there’s a lot of creativity to be had but something simple can go a long way with a base tee like this! Our next crop pick would be Independent Trading Co. AFX64CRP, a lightweight crop hoodie. We love the pastels this item comes in, they’re perfection, so simple yet so classy. It takes a cozy basic, the original hoodie, and makes it more interesting! Our favorite crop item though, is the Charles River Clifton boxy crop. While there are limited color options in this item, the distressed dye makes each item have a uniquely worn feel and a soft inside, making it OH SO COZY. Perfect to throw on quickly and still look amazing. 

    Good, Better, Best Sweaters

    If you’re looking for something totally different for your next apparel order, here are some of our favorite fashion sweaters we’ve found this year! We always support mixing up an order, you never know what you’ll find to love! A favorite fashion is this classic crew, the Champion S600. It's the Champion name at a college friendly price and a very soft fleece inside. But, like we said, we like to keep it interesting, so we also really love the Charles River Westley Color Block Crew! It comes in 3 color combinations and gives off a fun, vintage college vibe! Another color block item that we’ve been loving is our favorite new Boxercraft Fuzzy Fleece FZ01. With some fun basic colors and some nice little details like gold snaps, this item is top quality!

    Good, Better, Best Tanks

    As much as we love oversized hoodies and crews, we love ourselves some cute tanks to show off in the summertime, so we can’t forget to recommend some of those! Our best basic is the Next Level Racerback 1533. A wide color variety + a great price = a great order (if we did our math right!) Our better option is the Bella + Cavnas Racerback 6008. A little heavier and a little softer with some great color options, this is a tank that will keep the whole chapter happy! But the best for last, the Alternative Jersey Tank 3094. Lightweight but somehow the perfect tank, we love how versatile this tank is!

    Good, Better, Best Joggers

    We’re all in need of a pair of favorite joggers, the kind you throw on late during winter nights while studying for finals. Something soft, cozy, and fits just right. We love the Port & Co. PC78J joggers, with their solid quality and softness. They’re a unisex fit, they’re still a great pick! Next up, we love our Independent Trading Co. PMR20PNT joggers. They’re soft and still have a great price. Plus, they have a matching hoodie in some fun colors to make your next ideal lounge set. Our favorite have to be the Alternative 31082 joggers though, with their fun pattern options, mid weight, and contrasted drawcord! A fun pick for your next chapter order! BONUS: As much as we love the classic fleece joggers though, our bonus pick, the Boxercraft Cuddle Joggers L09 are so soft and buttery that we can’t even. This is a favorite item of the custom team and they recommend them every chance they can to orders that have high softness standards. 

    We hope this inside view of some of our favorite products helps with your next custom chapter order! Have more questions? Slide into the comments section below, fill out a form, or chat with us directly at!

    The Good, the Better, and the Best: Guide to Custom Fraternity Products

    The Good, the Better, and the Best: Guide to Custom Fraternity Products

    Let us take all of the stress out of starting a custom order. Here's the rundown on our top picks for basic custom products!

    Basic teee: good, better, best

    Basic tees are the most in-demand product, not only because they're versatile and can work for any event, but also because who doesn't love getting a new favorite tee?! While there are many, many more options when it comes to the basic staple, these picks are our favorites! We appreciate the Gildan 2000, not only for it's affordability, but it's comfort! It's a surprisingly soft tee (and who doesn't want that?). Bella + Canvas comes in second with a new favorite of ours, the 3001. It's a lighter weight tee with a retail fit and can add some class to any event. But our all time favorite tee here at Campus Classics is the Comfort Colors 1717 tee. They also have so many colors and the mid-weight shirt has been washed hundreds of time during production that it has the washed/worn feel of a shirt you've had for years and never want to toss out. 

    Our next item up - your favorite crewneck. This item is a great pick for parent's weekends and fall activities keeping everyone warm and cozy for all events. Our favorite basic is the Hanes F260. With all their color options and great price point, this crewneck is the perfect choice for a chapter sticking to a budget without compromising style. Next up, Comfort Colors. We love this crewneck because, like everything else in the Comfort Colors family, it has a familiar, worn wash that doesn't need to be broken in. It's a heavier weight as well and comes in lots of rich and bright colors. Onto our top pick - Champion S149. How could we go with anything else? This crewneck has been a crowd favorite for decades! With a reverse weave panel on the sides and heavier weight, it's the kind of crewneck you keep in your closet every spring cleaning cause it's just that comfy.

    Hoodies: good, better, best

    Onto hooded sweatshirts! These can be such a fun option for a custom order to throw a little variety into the mix of your closet. They can work especially well for events like themed formals or winter events. Port & Co 78H is one of our favorite products in our whole line! It's affordable and unlike some other basic brand sweatshirts, it doesn't shorten or shrink after washing. That way you can keep wearing it for basically forever. Our silver medalist is Independent SS4500. It's also well priced and a nice hoodie. It only just edged out our bronze medalist thanks to the wide variety of colors and patterns offered. Camo? Check. Peach? Check. Construction Orange? Sure, why not. But our favorite, again, has got to be Champion S101. Brand name, comfortable heavy weight, we just love it. You'll want to keep this guy around to pass on to your next pledge class (or maybe not, you do you).

    Joggers: good, better, best

    Now to pair that awesome hoodie you just chose with a pair of new joggers. The pair to check out first - Jerzees 975MPR. A great product at a great price and, though affordably price, they still made a point to have well designed details like cuffed ankles and a contrasting color drawstring. Next up in second place (and partially just to prove to ourselves that we aren't biased with love towards Champion) is Champion AO700. We love this product because it's heavier than some other joggers and it's got a fun back pocket with a patch! It's a product that just speaks quality. As our top pick though, we had to go with Alternative 9881. We'll sum it all up in one word: soft... Okay we'll give you a bit more: these are so soft and have a more retail fit. We also love the contrast of the drawstring!

    Polos: good, better, best

    Let's switch it up from comfy cozy to business causal! As much as we'd all like to wear hoodies all day, every day, we understand that sometimes we've all got to look put together and presentable. The first place to start on a custom order: C2 59000. It's a well priced basic that's got all the staple colors and would work well for the price conscious chapter. Step it up a little bit and you'll find Port Authority K110We love this polo, not only is a great price but it still has a feeling of quality to it. It's mid-weight and even has some nifty side vents subtly included. Our favorite of the bunch though is the Nike 363807. Professional, classy, brand name - it doesn't get much better for solid quality custom polos. It's also Dri-FIT so it'll keep you comfortable for any situation. BONUS: While the Nike polo was our favorite, we still wanted to share our love for the Adidas A263 polo. It's also brand name and has a very retail feel. Plus, how can you not love color block?

    Hats: good, better, best

    Now to top it all off (pun very much intended). While basic tees and hoodies are some of the most fun items to design for custom projects, hats are also up there as a favorite custom item! We all love getting a nice quality hat and we've got the lowdown on some of our most reliable options. First up, ValuCap VC300A. These hats come in a wide variety of color and are cost effective! Next, we'd recommend the Richardson 320. It also has a wide variety of colors and is the perfect, most-dad, dad cap. It's 100% cotton too, so it's comfortable and the back strap and metal buckle keep it classic. Our favorite hat though, is the Nike 779797. Again, name brand goes a long way, but we also love the supreme quality of this hat. It's light-weight polyester so it'll keep you cool like every good hat should. BONUS: basic ball caps may be where most of us tend to lean, but we also love a good boonie hat like The Game GB400. Trust us, you'll feel like a true adventurer wearing this out in the wild and hey, it'll keep the back of your neck from getting burnt.

    Have any additional products you'd like guidance on? Feel free to contact us about starting a custom order by filling out a custom inquiry or emailing us at!

    Say Hello To Max

    Say Hello To Max
     If you've come to our Campus Classics Custom site from the retail page, odds are you know who Max is. He's our office dog, social media model, Retriever Tee muse, and the best coworker around.

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    Let's Talk About Campus Classics Retail

    Let's Talk About Campus Classics Retail
    So, you’ve made it to our Campus Classics Custom site and have started your order for some custom apparel. Maybe you’re talking to our in-house designers about bid day shirts or some hoodies for your next formal, but what about some everyday items to fill your closet with as well? 

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