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    Become a Campus Manager

    Want To Become A Campus Manager?

    If you're someone that's involved in your Greek community and on campus, you might want to become a Campus Manager! We're looking for someone that loves connecting with others and can manage their time. You'll earn commission on orders from other chapters on campus and discounts for your chapter. Make money, set your schedule, and build your resume!


    What Will I Be Doing?

    Marketing yourself and our brand. We'll count on you to be an extension of us! We'll offer the tools and support you need to be a successful rep on your campus. With those tools, you'll be finding and meeting with apparel decision-makers on campus and creating relationships. You'll be working with our Art Department to coordinate and fulfill every order. We'll rely on you to spread the word about Campus Classics on social media and through marketing promotions.

    How Much Am I Paid?

    You'll earn a 7% commission on every outside order (these cannot be orders from your chapter). It's your choice how much you make! Sell as much as you'd like. Once your order is completed and shipped, we'll pay you commission with Venmo.

    What’s In It For Me?

    All Campus Managers will get startup packages! These will have Campus Classics giveaway items, color swatch cards, a staff shirt, and welcome packet. We want you to look and feel confident when representing our team! Through the semester we'll send you different promotional materials to help you sell.